Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Deep Thoughts by Marwa Bollack

*Do you ever notice that the more you have going on in a day, the more you just want to crawl into bed and sleep? The days that I have nothing to do of importance I seem to be bouncing off the walls with energy.

*Dieting SUCKS. But it is good to be preoccupied with thoughts of food and what I am putting in my mouth. That way I don't think about the stuff I don't want to think about (but probably should)

*The people you work for are never as smart as you are.

*I really should be studying now. I have no desire to learn about skin diseases.

*Life is really better at the beach!

*I still hate potty training!

*Now that Jasmine is in the terrible twos I have hope that I won't be pulling my hair out for much longer.

*Drinking water (and just water) all day long...blows.

*If you don't have a Wii, go out and get one immediately!

Totally not a deep thought, so much as a funny story I forgot to tell... So, we were at the beach, and Todd made sandwiches for us to eat on the beach. They were good too! I was sitting on our blanket thing, and I was talking to Jasmine, and I felt something brush against my face, which I thought was the umbrella falling on me.

Turns out it was a seagull who flew and took the sandwich right out of my hand! Can you believe it!?!

Only me..I swear!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Its been a Week..I am a horrible blogger...

...But deal okay! There has been a lot going on.

I finally got fed up with my body...I was done crying while getting dressed..I decided to make a change...

**Cue Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror..."Gonna make a change, for once in my life..."**

Anyway..I digress....

So, I am on a diet and exercise kick and it isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I found this fab-o website called and its totally free. You put in what you are and what you want to be, and they tell you how many calories to eat and how much to exercise. They also have a meal plan if you want it, but I think that just logging what I am eating is fine with me.

I have been doing a lot of exercising too. We bought a Wii Fit and I do it every day. Its really fun...(the only bad thing about it is when they weigh you in in the beginning, if your BMI is in the overweight category like mine is, they balloon your Mii up so you are rotund. Its pretty bad. I wonder what it would look like if you are obese!)

We have also been taking lots of walks. Walking pushing a double stroller is really hard, especially up hill. Yesterday I walked 2.7 miles and today I only walked 1.2 miles, but it was to and from the park, where I ran around with the kiddos. I still have to do my Wii today, but I have a quiz to study for...

School is also making me super busy. Its getting harder. But I am not worried.

On Monday I went to see my high school calculus teacher, Mr. Sabella, at my old high school. I was thinking of him for some reason while driving to Walmart and I called to see if we could come by for a visit. It was good talking to him. I always tease him because in the beginning of my senior year, he hated me. Seriously, he did not like me at all. I sat behind this guy named Min Oh, and Min would turn around and ask me questions in class, and I would answer him, and Mr. Sabella would yell at me. He thought I was initiating the conversation. Well, on the first test, I got a perfect score, a 102. Since then, he thought I was okay. He even tried to convince me to dump my then boyfriend and marry Pat Hu, another boy in my class who got a perfect score on the first test as well. He said that we would have math genius babies! haha...

Anyway, Mr. Sabella also saw through my poor self esteem and found ways to encourage me without all the bs that comes with dealing with a person with poor self esteem. Does that make sense? If it doesn't I am sorry, I don't know another way of saying it. He was always reminding me of my potential and my skills. But he also wasn't afraid to remind me of my weaknesses too. I think that is a very important quality to have, especially for a teacher.

anyway, the girls played with his dry easer markers, until Jasmine drew on the chalk board and wall with them. Then we were out. It was good seeing him though.

Next week we go to the beach and I can't wait! The girls and the beach! Yay! I promise to put up all the pictures we take!

Sorry this was more than a diary post than a blog post. I had a bunch of things to talk about it seems...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ceramic Monday

So, Today I took the girls to Summit to paint ceramics. We had a good time. They both painted a star picture frame. Here are some pictures!

We went to Summit, as I said. Man, I hate that town. I mean, I know its a rich town, but come on, the people who WORK there are snobs!

Oh well, the kids had fun, which is all that matters. Sorry the pictures are blurry..I took them with my camera phone.

Monday, June 9, 2008

What do you do when you are in the middle of heatwave?

Well, you stay indoors, let the kids watch whatever they want on TV and write two blog posts!

And you also make a video montage of all the pictures you love, set to an amazing song.

The pictures don't go in any particular order, except for the first few and last few. Isn't it amazing how much they have grown up?

I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think! I was just playing around with a new program I downloaded.

Why I love having two girls...

Here is my top 10 list of why I love having girls!

10. They like the Disney princesses as much as I do!

9. I will never have to encounter frogs, bugs, creepy-crawlies being brought into the house.

8. I love buying girls' clothes!!

7. I love doing up girls' hair!

6. We can have spa days when they are older!

5. We have spa days now, and both of them think I am the greatest person in the world for painting their fingernails baby pink!

4. Someday, hopefully, I will be able to go with them to the bridal boutique and help them pick out their perfect wedding dress! I will be proudest mother of the bride, and I will tell them, as my mother told me, that they are the most beautiful bride that ever was!

3. I really can't wait, (even though Todd would rather it never happen) to sit around, eating ice cream, and talk about boys. I was never really open about that stuff with my parents, due to cultural differences, and I really want to have an open relationship like that. I don't need or want to know EVERYTHING, but I would like them to trust me enough to come to me when they have problems or questions

2. Girls are better huggers than boys. =)

And the number one reason I love having two girls...
1. Have you ever heard a little girl giggle? It is the most amazing sound in the world!

Coming soon...things I am NOT looking foward to in the future...two teenage girls..OY!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

True Friends

Did you ever take a step back and evaluate your friends? Like, do you ever think, "Am I friends with this person because I truly like them, or are we friends of convenience?

When looking at the people in my life, I THOUGHT I could count about 4 true friends, people I would tell anything to. But, during my time of self evaluation, I come to realize that only 3 of those people are really truly friends. Don't get me wrong, the other person is a very nice person. I have a good time with them when we hang out. But, it seems like it is a friendship of convenience. Meaning, we are great true friends when it is convenient for her.

She is never mean...but I seem to become important to her when she needs something from me. Or she is having a really shitty day and needs someone to talk to.

It makes me kind of sad. But at the same time...I am kind of glad I came to the realization now, rather than a couple of years down the road.

When you are younger, you think its the quantity of your friends that makes you feel good. If you have more, that means you are a better person. However, as I am getting older, I see its the quality my friends that matters. As long as I have a few that treats me well, and is my friend with no strings attached or without any conditions, then I am a blessed person.